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GeneXus Community Overview

The GeneXus Community provides a variety of ways to get answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and to share your own expertise. Find below the list of community resources available to you.

GXtechnical is the place to find technical information about GeneXus and the GeneXus products. Join the GeneXus Community by
registering at GXtechnical .Registration is free and you gain access to a host of technical information, downloads, and resources about GeneXus.

GeneXus News
When you register at GXtechnical you can choose to subscribe to the GeneXus News, the bi-weekly newsletter with the latest news about ARTech’s products and related technologies.

Open GeneXus Server
It is the place for sharing GeneXus-based collaborative projects. In this GeneXus Server instances you will find from small sample projects to sophisticated Knowledge Bases and GNU projects, which you can use to accelerate your own work.
For projects related to GeneXus 9 or prior versions, please visit

Technical Forums
There are more than 15 technical forums, dedicated to the different technologies supported by GeneXus hosted by Artech, and many more hosted elsewhere on the Internet. Locate the right one for asking and answering technical questions about the technologies that you use.

User Groups
The creation of GeneXus user groups, which are started and managed by GeneXus community members, is supported by Artech in order to strengthen and integrate the GeneXus community. Groups meet several times a year to network and attend technology sessions. In sum, they are technical and social meetings to get to know other members and support each other, as well as to obtain tools to be more effective in daily tasks.

GeneXus Community Wiki
The GeneXus Community Wiki is the place for sharing information related GeneXus with your peers. In this wiki you will find from information about unreleased versions of GeneXus and related products and tools to advanced tips and miscellaneous information form the Community.

GeneXus Beta Testers Program
The beta testers program are an integral part of the product development process at Artech. Beta testers are usually the most innovative, curious, and demanding developers; their input is invaluable to sharpen our products and get them ready for the market. All GeneXus customers can participate in the beta tester programs.

GXSearch objective is centralizing GeneXus community access to information providing good search results. It allows searching any information from only one place regardless of whether this information is in the wiki, the forums, the GeneXus Developer Library, etc.

GeneXus Planet
GeneXus Planet is an aggregator of weblogs written by bloggers of the GeneXus Community.

The GeneXus X Blog is a space where you can find thelatest technical information about the tool, new feature implementations andthe latest upgrade releases. It is written by the GeneXus developers ofArtech's Research and Development teams, and geared towards the Community.

Planet GeneXus X
Planet GeneXus X is a feed aggregator from varioussources that deal with GeneXus X. It includes the latest GeneXus News storiesabout version X, posts from the GeneXus X Blog and additions to the UserControls and GXextensions galleries. Thus, Planet GeneXus X is the best tool tostay up-to-date on everything related to GeneXus X.

GeneXus Marketplace
GeneXus Community where you can find all those products that complement their development, whether User Controls, Extensions, Patterns, User Controls, External Objects, as well as additional third-party tools.

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