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Published 02/09/2009
GeneXus X Evolution 1 has been released!
A new version of GeneXus is on the market: GeneXus X Evolution 1. It includes generators for Windows and Text environments, and makes it possible to generate top-level Web applications in a highly productive development environment. Its integration with GeneXus Server (now in RTM stage) implements a new way of working as a team.
GeneXus X Evolution 1 makes teamwork easier and takes the developer's experience to a higher level.

Team Development, Developer Experience, Enterprise Level Applications and Completeness are the four cornerstones of this new GeneXus technology.

Be a part of innovation with GeneXus X Evolution 1!

More information in the CommunityWiki


GeneXus X Evolution 1

GeneXus Server X Evolution 1 RTM


Theme Editor

XIX GeneXus International Meeting

At the XIX GeneXus International Meeting, GeneXus X Evolution 1 and GeneXus Server will be addressed in sessions and labs given by the Artech team as well as in presentations by companies that will share their experience working with Evolution 1. As of this date, the confirmed sessions are:
  • GeneXus X Evolution 1 Overview / Gustavo Carriquiry, Armin Bachmann – Artech

  • Evolution of the GeneXus Language / Gastón Milano – Artech

  • GeneXus Server: evolution of the teamwork paradigm / Silvia Keymetlian – Artech

  • Change Defender: extending knowledge and defending my changes / Federico Azzato, Luciano Silveira – Artech

  • The future of GeneXus Server / Jorge Mastropietro, Sebastián Gómez – Artech

  • Coffee with GeneXus Server / José Lamas, Silvia Keymetlian, Ignacio Valle – Artech

  • Sharing data sources: Data Providers / Luis Murillo – Artech

  • GeneXus X: Rich Internet Applications NOW! / Nicolás Cardelino – Artech

  • GeneXus X Evolution 1: more knowledge in the Knowledge Base for improved performance / Fabricio de los Santos - ITS Consultoría e Assessoría em Logística

  • Creating User Controls with Google Web Toolkit and GeneXus X Evolution 1 / Diego Villagra - Cultura IT

  • GeneXus X Evolution 1 and GXserver applied to mission-critical system of livestock traceability / Hugo Alberto Correa - Ganadera Sofía

  • More value, more knowledge, and more technology in GeneXus Evolution 1 / Gonzalo Losada - K2B

  • Converting a Web application from GeneXus 9.0 to GeneXus X and GeneXus X Evolution 1 / Nataniel Strack - Trevisan Tecnología

  • 20 25 Reporting with GeneXus Ev1 / Fabián Bonilla - Artech

  • 20 25 User Controls / Armando Cardoso – Artech

  • GeneXus X Evolution 1 Labs (Entry level) / GeneXus Support Team

  • GeneXus X Evolution 1 Labs (Advanced) / GeneXus Support Team
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